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Year 6 Prom Night - Wednesday 18th July 2018

Wow! What a fantastic evening!
A very big ‘THANK YOU’ to The Friends Of The School and all of the Parents that have given up their time to help prepare the school this afternoon and clear away tonight, we are truly grateful! It was a fantastic Prom and you really have given the children special memories to take with them as they move forward on their life journey. This year we have experienced the kindness and generosity of Parents like never before and we are ...truly grateful - THANK YOU to each and every one of you! 😊
Mrs have been totally amazing - as always!
Also, a very big thank you to Anna & Phil (Manillas) for the wonderful Afternoon Tea, the Photographer and our DJ’s who are always there to support us. We’d also like to mention the Magician (David) who never ceases to amaze us!
It’s been fantastic!

Year Six Prom Night - Wednesday 18th July 2018