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In our school, we have three rules: be "Ready, Respectful and Safe".  We've been talking about being "ready" in School Council meetings and have also discussed it with our class.  Every class has a "Ready, Respectful and Safe" display.  We earn wristbands and behaviour cards to go on the "Above and Beyond" board.  This is not for expected behaviour, but for something which stands out, something special.  Every week someone in class gets the behaviour medal for doing something "above and beyond".


Here are our ideas from each class on being "ready".


Dosbarth Oren discussed 'Ready' and came up with the following:-


  • Get a good night's sleep.
  • Get up and ready quickly in the morning.
  • Be organised the night before - pack your bag ready.
  • No duvet day.
  • Be on time for school.
  • When you come in in the morning, do your jobs and then sit quietly for the register.
  • Show good listening.

Dosbarth Glas discussed being ready and what it means to them. Our ideas were:


  • Being ready for snack/ lunch by lining up - this shows we are ready.
  • Being ready to work hard - if we do we might get rewards like stickers or going on the rainbow and your brain will grow and you will get better!
  • Being ready to come to school every day on time. If you don’t you will miss lovely work, PE and you won’t know what dinners to have.
  • Having all your things for a task.
  • Having an umbrella if rain is forecast.
  • We are using our RSR board to help remind us of these things.


Dosbarth Porffor

  • Be in school on time
  • Cross the road to school safely
  • Being on time when we come in after play/dinner play /assemblies
  • No fussing it wastes time no shouting out so we think before answering

Dosbarth Pinc

  1. We have been having weekly circle times on RRS. Please see class board for our work on RRS. We have completed safe and will discuss ready in more detail next week.



  • Come to school with everything you need for that day; e.g. reading book, diary, PE/swimming kit, signed letters, money, coats, lunch etc.
  • When the teacher asks a question, everyone think of an answer and be ready to respond.
  • Show you’re ready to learn by listening.
  • No fidgeting or getting distracted, you need to show through your body language that you’re ready to learn.
  • Those children who hand books out need to do it straight away to save time during the lesson.
  • When instructions on what to do have been given out, you need to show that you’re ready by starting the task or asking the right questions so you get on task right away.


4/5 PP

What does ‘ready’ mean?

  • Getting to school on time.
  • Not talking when you are doing work.
  • Being set up ready to start work.
  • Get all the belongings you need for the day then read quietly.
  • Keep your concentration on your work.
  • Not to disturb others.
  • Do your work on time – in the time set.
  • Make sure you have all of your belongings to go home.
  • Make sure you are ready on the 2nd bell to go back into school.
  • Be organised at home and in school so you don’t waste time or forget things.
  • Be prepared – when the first bell goes make sure you have been to the toilet.

5/6 CG   What is ready?


  • Mentally ready (ready for the school day).
  • Being on time for school (not being late).
  • Ready to learn (no fiddling).
  • Being ready helps us to be organised and helps us to learn.
  • Being on task.
  • Paying attention, listening to the speaker.
  • Going to the toilet and filling up your water bottle during break.

5/6 RB   What is ready?

  • Coming into class quietly and getting yourself organised i.e. pencils, ruler etc.
  • Coming into class smartly and understanding that the bell signals the end of play.
  • Being ready to help others.  Knowing what to do so you can help others.
  • Sitting in your place and being patient.