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Dosbarth Pinc

Bowling at Neyland Bowling Club on 05.07.19

Dosbarth Pinc have had a lovely afternoon bowling at the Neyland Bowling Club in recognition of good attendance throughout the year. 

All Stars Cricket - 30th April 2019

Year 2 took part in the All Stars Cricket session at school this afternoon.  The boys and girls all enjoyed learning how to throw and catch the cricket ball and are all looking forward to next Tuesday.

Fire Service Visit to School on 3rd April 2019


Years 2 and 5 were visited by the Fire Service on 3rdApril 2019. 


Year 2 discussed fire safety and the use of matches.  They dressed up as fire fighters and learned a poem and listened to a story.



Dosbarth Pinc - Best Attendance Class Again for Week Ending 15.03.19

Well done to all the children who took part in the Kerb Kraft Road Safety Programme this year.

A few photographs from our class World Book Day celebrations on 7th March 2019.

Visitors To Our School Pond

After discovering that our school pond is full of frogs and spawn Dosbarth Pinc spent the afternoon outside discussing them.  The children came up with lots of adjectives to describe the frogs.  They did maths reasoning problems, like how many frogs are there if we can see 20 eyes etc.  They produced sketches of them and thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon.  Spring is certainly on it's way. 

St David's Day / Eisteddfod Celebrations - 19th February 2019
Congratulations to Dosbarth Pinc for being the best attendance class for week ending 1st February 2019 with 97.93%. They will look after Ted our Attendance Teddy next week.

Dosbarth Pinc - Celebrating at their Christmas Party on Wednesday 19th December 2018

Dosbarth Pinc celebrating Christmas Jumper Day on 14th December 2018.
Dosbarth Pinc enjoying their Christmas Lunch on Wednesday December 12th 2018.

Top Attendance Class Again

Well done to Dosbarth Pinc for being the top attendance class for week ending 30.11.18.  They will take care of Ted the Attendance Teddy next week.

Map Work - 22nd November 2018

We discussed where do Fair Trade bananas come from and spent some time doing map work.

Fair Trade Lesson - 22nd November 2018

We have been looking at Fair Trade products and discussing if they are healthy.  We have spent some time sorting through different ones and discussing healthy choices.

Children in Need Day - Friday 16th November 2018

Dosbarth Pinc working hard on Children in Need day on the subject of Respect, whilst supporting the day by wearing their pyjamas.

Dosbarth Pinc went to Tesco's in Haverfordwest on Tuesday 6th November to learn about Fair Trade and the Rainforest Alliance.

Dosbarth Pinc Pictured with Mr Andy Ashcroft from Fairtrade at School Assembly on Thursday 25th October.

Congratulations to Dosbarth Pinc. Top attendance class for week ending 19th October 2018. They will keep Ted our Attendance Teddy company for the next week.

Top Attendance Class Week Ending 19th October 2018

Dosbarth Pinc have been learning the story of Y Bachgen Bach Toes, ready for Shwmae Day.

Y Bachgen Bach Story

Congratulations to Dosbarth Pinc for achieving 100% attendance for the week ending 5th October 2018.  Well done!!
Dosbarth Pinc have been writing about 'Oliver's Vegetables'.  They have also been tasting the vegetables.

'Oliver's Vegetables'

We are a Ready, Safe and Respectful School.  Dosbarth Pinc have enjoyed making their Ready, Safe and Respectful posters.

We are a Ready, Safe and Respectful School.