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Class 4/5PP Immersive Day - 01.05.19

On May 1st 2019 class 4/5 PP had their Immersive Day - their new topic is "Help Save Our Pollinators" 


They made hexagonal prisms to form a honeycomb, began building a class mural of a bee, listened to music related to their class story "Varmint" and carried out free writing whilst listening to the music.  They had a very exciting hour trying 6 different types of honey, using a tasting table to try and work out the flavours and smells of each pot.  In the afternoon they researched pollinators - what they do and why we need them and built a fact file.  They then used this information to form their class action plan based on pollinators - they look forward to sharing their ideas with you over the next few weeks.