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Class 4-5PP/RW

Class 4/5 PW spent their afternoon on 16th July weeding and planting a bee friendly area in the school grounds. This follows their project on pollinators this term. The children had a great time and look forward to seeing more pollinators around the school. 

On May 1st 2019 class 4/5 PP had their Immersive Day - their new topic is "Help Save Our Pollinators" 


They made hexagonal prisms to form a honeycomb, began building a class mural of a bee, listened to music related to their class story "Varmint" and carried out free writing whilst listening to the music.  They had a very exciting hour trying 6 different types of honey, using a tasting table to try and work out the flavours and smells of each pot.  In the afternoon they researched pollinators - what they do and why we need them and built a fact file.  They then used this information to form their class action plan based on pollinators - they look forward to sharing their ideas with you over the next few weeks. 

Surfers Against Sewage

Anna, from Surfers Against Sewage,  spoke to class 4/5 PP about what we can do to help reduce our plastic waste.  The children have been investigating this topic for several weeks and Anna was impressed with their knowledge.  She showed the children plastics that had been collected from around Pembrokeshire and some art work that could be created from the waste.  The children shared with Anna that they are currently working towards reducing plastic in school by changing from plastic milk cartons to glass and they are also looking at ways to make their lunch boxes plastic free.  Anna explained how clothing contains plastic and that most things we use can be replaced with recyclable and sustainable materials.  The session was lots of fun while delivering a vitally important message. Thank you Anna. 

World Book Day Celebrations - 7th March 2019

Oriel Y Parc Visit - St Davids - 20.02.19

Class 4/5 PP visited Oriel y Parc on Wednesday 20th February to learn more about Plastic Pollution.  The children sorted plastic found at a nearby beach and listed what other materials the objects could have been made from, rather than plastic.  They discovered the properties of plastic and even had a game of tug of war to show how many different properties plastic has.  They ended the day by making abstract models out of the plastic. They all had a great day.

Darwin Trip - 6th February 2019

Class 4/5PP spent the morning at the Carew Tidal Mill learning more about renewable energy.  Darwin then returned to school in the afternoon where the children worked on ways of generating their own power.  This opportunity was funded by the Darwin Trust.  Thank you.

Class 4/5PP Immersive Day - January 2019

Class 4/5 PP Immersive day photographs - the children spent the day looking at 3 different topics- deforestation, endangered species and plastic pollution. They spent the morning reading information and watching video clip on these topics before having a secret vote where they decided they would like to study Plastic Pollution as their topic this term. They have lots of exciting ideas for the coming term - watch this space.

Congratulations to Class 4/5PP/RW for being the best attendance class for week ending 14th December 2018 with 99.26%.  Well done!!  They will look after Ted our attendance teddy next week.