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Class 3/4KC - Immersive Day - 'Voyage of Discovery - The Victorians'

Class 3/4KC Immersion Day

Class 3/4KC had their immersion day on Wednesday 16th January to kick start their new topic 'Voyage of Discovery - The Victorians.'

They watched the opening ceremony to the 2012 Olympics, where they were fascinated by the impact of the Industrial Revolution.  Nikki Caldwell from Scolton Manor paid them a visit with 20 different Victorian Artefacts for the Mystery Object session.  The children had great fun trying to problem solve and figure out the use of each object.  Their afternoon started with a Victorian Drill session where they were put through their paces.  The day then ended with making and tasting Gruel.  The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and are excited to start their new topic!