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ALN - Additional Learning Needs

A Resource list to help children to understand Covid-19 and those with Additional Learning Needs (ALN)

(Useful for site for information relating to Special Learning Difficulties, ASD and sensory processing


(Links to social stories to help understand Covid-19)

(Helping children understand Covid-19 and cope with isolation – includes a social story to discuss)


(A wealth of free resources to support autistic learners and their families)

(A free app to help children struggling with anxiety)

Social Skills and Emotional Wellbeing

(Printable activities for children)

(A useful resource for children’s mental health information)


Free resources to support children with ADHD and Autism, which includes workbooks about emotions and transition

Speech and Language

(A range of support, activities and printable resources to help children with their speech)

Resources- Free or small cost FREE

Pembrokeshire ALN Website Information

Inclusion Newsletter for Parents and Carers Autumn Term 2018